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Real Results from Membership of The Alternative Board in New Zealand

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What results can you expect from our business support?

You can expect to receive ideas that may lead to increased income and improved equity in your business. By addressing your business challenges, you will sleep better at night, emotionally satisfied, knowing that your organisation is a well-run machine.

You will build a team of qualified people who think like business owners so that the business isn’t completely reliant on you.

You will be focused on key business issues and opportunities rather than day to day tasks and fire-fighting so that you can invest your time and dollars into the growth and profitability of your company.

You can expect to crystallise your personal vision so that you can get your company ready for sale or have the right family member(s) in place to take over the business in the timeframe you desire and with the appropriate financial rewards.

You will have less stress and more balance in your life so that you can spend time enjoying life.

I began approx. 8 years ago selling stationery, ink, toner & business machines on-line to the B2B market. Previously I owned and operated retail Paper Plus stores for 20+ years.

I contacted The Alternative Board (TAB) / Richard Simmons in mid 2014 as I was struggling with strategic direction – both for the business and personally. While I was aware that future planning was necessary, I could not break away from my focus on everyday sales and customers. I also could not see myself getting time for a decent family holiday. I was doubtful if he could help me as he did not know my business and had no experience in on-line B2B but I knew I needed to do something to get control.

What I hoped to get was a clear pathway forward that was challenging, yet achievable. The interesting thing was that I had all of the answers to my own questions but I needed:

1) Time out of my day …. and…
2) The right questions being asked

Richard helped me realise that I needed to step back from full-time sales in order to enable my business to grow. I was restricting the growth as well as limiting my time for family holidays to just a few days while I would keep getting client calls.

I now feel ‘in control’ as I move forward in business and in my home life – I have a clear plan! I now have a structure in place that works without me and I have had an overseas holiday (without client calls!). I now work at a more strategic level across my business and have time to look after my other interests (upcoming iron man event). The biggest benefit is that I am now personally prepared for future business and personal challenges of whatever size.

I left sessions with a feeling of being empowered and with a genuine desire to step forward. I found Richard’s coaching style supportive, efficient and very effective.

I would not hesitate to recommend any business owner to Richard that requires current focus on its actions, to set and achieve structured strategic goals.

Bruce Hughson – Stationery Online – Auckland, NZ

“TAB has been a great learning experience for me over the past year and a half. I have learned how to manage my business better thanks to the monthly meetings in a friendly, relaxing atmosphere. The different opinions and ideas offered by the group are a great way to resolve the business issues that have popped up now and again. Gordon has been an excellent mentor and the one on one meetings have really helped me focus on my business needs and taught me how to manage the numbers better to improve my bottom line. I highly recommend TAB to anyone looking to share their business issues or look for fresh ideas to improve their business.”

Dan Robinson, The Diamond Shop, Auckland, NZ

“I always feel empowered after the meetings and more confident in where we’re heading as a business. Most importantly the discussions we have help me to have faith in the decisions that I need to make. I find being part of TAB is very beneficial to me in my personal and business life.”

Michael Abbott, Palace-Rosedale, Auckland, NZ

“The Alternative Board gives us affordable access to decades of business experience. It will be an important component of our future growth. It will be an excellent sounding board and offer us answers about how to grow”

Oliver McDermott, Blender Design – Auckland, NZ

“The Alternative Board is my chance to talk regularly with people who know all about running a small business and growing it. Having the input of seasoned business people means I can test all of my thinking as I take the company to another level”

Rod Enoka, Mil-Tek NZ Ltd – Auckland, NZ

Through the relationship I have built with Steve, I have access to other inspirational business owners.  The interaction within the Board environment is refreshingly honest. Discussions during the Board meeting are lively and challenging.  There is no room for status-quo or complacency at our meetings, and nor should there be. (more…)

“My fellow board members are a sounding board for my own ideas and of course, some of them will have experienced the same challenges I am facing.
There are also agreed rules which we apply as board members for each other so this keeps me disciplined in addressing the challenges and goals I set out to achieve”

Claire Gard, Party Direct – Auckland, NZ

“The Alternative Board brings processes and disciplines equal to those of a large organisation to my small business. A board will help me crystallise my objectives for the company and also answer questions such as what I want to achieve within the business and how we can maintain continuity through our people”

Bill Mancer, Rise Accountants – Auckland, NZ

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