The Alternative Board Meeting

Our Board Meetings provide collective wisdom, accountability, drive, creativity and clarity of advice enabling you to align your business and personal visions and ensure you get what you want out of life. Meet and share business expertise, solve business challenges, help each other pursue new opportunities and create actionable plans – all under the guidance of a qualified facilitator. Are you ready for your own board of advisors, a sounding board of like-minded, driven and experienced business owners? Get ready to achieve your goals: join one of our Business Owner Advisory Boards.

Here’s what happens at a typical Board Meeting:

Following some social catch-up time with your fellow business-owning board members:

  1. We update one another on progress within our respective businesses, including a summary of financial performance.
  2. We may hold a work-shop session focusing on some new business learnings or listen to a guest speaker.
  3. In turn, each member then describes a particular issue or situation on which he or she wants to gain perspective. Each board member asks questions to clarify and then offers salient and practical advice on how they would handle the issue wearing your shoes.
  4. We list the “takeaways” we have gained from the meeting and commit to appropriate action over the following month.
  5. We set the venue for the next board meeting (our meetings rotate around board member premises).

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